We’ve built a reputation as visionaries, not only because we translate convoluted problems into simple solutions, but also because we maintain and advance the corporate visions of our C-level clients. CEOs and executives from Fortune 100s, heads of government, and top tier leaders in virtually every industry have kept us close by their sides as partners deeply embedded in their core teams.

  • "Pamela is a special breed of consulting partner – she moves from quick assessment to masterminded plan that has heads turning and corporations copying. She envisions what could be and then orchestrates its success. She moves fluidly from strategic context to the marketplace application, bringing uncanny skills in new business development, creative problem solving, business strategy, marketing strategy and change management. She is a pleasure to work with, is deeply committed to anyone lucky enough to call her, partner."
    — Susan Black, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Travel Impressions and American Express Vacations
  • "Through an intense $700 million acquisition of our company, I worked around the clock with Pamela and her team who lead our communications online and off in 6 languages and countries, with our key constituents; investors, reservation holders, employees, Sunterra members, HOAs, business partners, vendors and a wide range of trade, business and regional media. I couldn’t have wished for a better partner- Pamela multi-tasked keen strategy, team building, organization and smooth execution with success in every area. On top of that, she added humor and fun to a strenuous and tense time for our executive management team."
    — Keith A. Maib, Vice President, Diamond Resorts International
  • "Pamela is one of those rare people you meet that just 'get's it'. She's super fast at assimilating information and put her vast experience into action to suit our specific needs. She's fun to work with, creative and takes no prisoners. She's a partner in every sense of the word. I highly recommend her if you want to get things done the right way and align yourself with someone who has great instincts and can 'walk the walk'. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative."
    — Anthony Lipschitz
  • "Wow! It seems you’re responsible for the rain, the wind through the trees, and the gravitational pull of the earth."
    — Howard Lefkowitz, President
  • "Pamela is a pleasure to work with. Her strategic insights and planning ability are important assets that her clients count on. Pamela excels on projects where research, analysis, and strategic communications are critical to the success of the project."
    — Frank Sena, Managing Director, Bentley Associates L.P.
  • "Since 2002, I've worked at several companies and have always brought Pamela in when looking for a PR resource. She's one of the smartest, most innovative people I know - truly and out of the box thinker. I often recommend her services to other people I know who aren't having any luck with their current firms and have never had it come back to bite me. She's that good."
    — Eric Richmond, Vice President of Search and Social Media, TechMediaNetwork
  • "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pamela and her team on multiple travel-related product launches over the years. She is a consummate PR professional with over 20 years of experience and her significant talents are highly sought-after. She has an über-creative mind, suggesting fresh, informed, inspiring and practical ideas with every conversation. She has her finger directly on the pulse of the travel consumer and uses her significant expertise and well-honed crystal ball to accurately forecast customer sentiment and consumer reaction. Pamela was not only instrumental in helping us determine how best to market our Traxo Travel Score product, but she actually helped us DEFINE the product to ensure it was poised to garner the broadest possible market appeal. Her strategies, across all disciplines -- digital, traditional, and social media, have really helped generate awareness, build credibility and catapult Traxo’s growth. She is a great person to have in your corner. I consider her an extension of our team, and trust her intuition and recommendations implicitly. She is among the most-connected people in travel, she knows everyone that matters, and she really understands precisely how the travel industry operates and how all the pieces fit together. She is the most creative and effective communications person I’ve ever worked with, and I recommend her without hesitation for any project that requires the very best in travel, tourism or technology communications execution. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative."
    — Andres Fabris , CEO Traxo
  • "Pamela has incredible experience, passion and creativity. At the end of the day of course it's about results which she definitely achieves. Accountability in any successful business is crucial and Pamela is keenly aware of this necessity. She has come up with great strategies and continues to get major exposure for our brand. It's very rare to find someone with the business savvy, creativity, insight, as well as the ability to deliver as she does."
    — Richard Krulik , CEO US Luggage
  • "Pamela is a one-of-a-kind consultant. I have worked with Pamela on three different projects, and each time she exceeded my expectations. In each case, she applied a combination creativity and discipline to reach beyond our goals. Regardless of the complexity of the project (and one of our projects was extremely complex) she was consistently able to thoroughly understand the situation, offer remarkably creative solution sets, and follow through with any level of execution we needed. She has my strongest recommendation. Hire her and her team; she will not disappoint. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative."
    — David W. Schropfer
  • "After speaking with countless PR agents in New York, Pamela immediately stood out to our company as someone who walked the walk. Her ideas are fresh, informed, and - in a PR world where it seems easy to rehash generic techniques for every client - inspiring. Forget meaningless press releases and name placements. Pamela is the real deal. She worked with us to get the right minds and mouths focused on our product and *somehow* generated the ever-elusive "buzz" that surrounds our company today. She knows what she's doing, and working with her has allowed us to take a great product and get it the industry attention it deserves. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity ."
    — Jasmine Bina
  • "Pamela has demonstrated a strong ability to deliver the precise type of service a client may need in an ambiguous environment. She is thorough and detail-oriented and she has a strategic approach which goes beyond the ordinary. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative."
    — Pavel Ezekiev
  • "If I were starting a business, or I ran a business that had a major issue, or one that just couldn't seem to crack a press blackout, I would hire Pamela in an instant. She must have invented the term: "think outside the box." Pamela is intelligent, fast-thinking and creative to the max. She understands complex technology issues and can render them as understandable as A, B, C. Pamela has drive, and in the sometimes warring world of business competition, I'd like to have her with me in the foxhole.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative."
    — Dennis Schaal
  • "Having worked in marketing and the travel industry for 25+ years, I can say that Pamela Johnston ranks among the very best public relations pros I've ever seen. Observing her work in promoting a range of leading travel innovators over time-- I have been impressed by Pamela's creativity and imagination. She is very skilled at crafting the right "pitch" that catches the attention of individual journalists--and serves up her "secret sauce" that wins their respect and favor. On top of this--she's witty and wise, a tireless worker, superb manager, and fun to work with. Run -- don't walk -- for the opportunity to collaborate with Pamela and her talented team at PJ Inc. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative."
    — Susan Black , Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Travel Impressions and American Express Vacations
  • "I have known Pamela since 2002 when I was a part of the team interviewing PR firms for Although we did not hire her firm at the time, we watched as our rival site did engage her. To say Pamela put them on the map is an understatement. They were everywhere - in the press, on the radio, on the dias at conferences as the keynote. She can be outrageous - guerrilla marketing at its finest! She is always energetic and is amazingly well connected. No wallflower this one! We have recently hired Pamela and PJ Inc. to help launch a technology company that I have been building for the last year. To entrust the launch to her is not only a pleasure, but as one of the primary investors in the business, it is a way to reduce our risks, so it is also very smart. I highly recommend Pamela and her team if you want attention. If you are shy, well, just wait for an invitation to one of her infamous parties at industry events and then decide whether you want to stay in the background or be in the forefront. She'll help you get there. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative."
    — Chicke Fitzgerald
  • "Whenever someone asks me for an example of a public relations professional who "gets it" I tell them about Pamela. She's extremely creative and highly effective at representing her travel clients. What's more, Pamela is able to balance the requirements of the companies she represents with the editorial needs of a publication -- and that's no small task. Pamela is true credit to her profession."
    — Christopher Elliott, Consumer Advocate and Multimedia Journalist
  • "I was customer of PJ Inc. while working for the Organising Committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games Torino 2006. I chose PJ Inc. BECAUSE of Pamela: skilled professional, not only did she demonstrate an in depth knowledge of PR, but she also proved to be able to work at an International level and respond to very specific customer needs. Also, Pamela is a wonderful person to work with."
    — Mary Villa, Corporate Communications & PR Manager, FILA Europe
  • "“Pamela is one of the most creative marketers I have ever worked with. She is consistently fresh and innovative, and brings an incredible level of energy to every project. Pamela's deep understanding of the travel marketplace combined with her connections across the industry make a powerful combination. Top it off with her "can do and WILL do" persona and you have a true force of nature! Pit bull in stilettos. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative."
    — Adrienne Peres
  • "Pamela is creative, driven and a tremendous advocate for her clients and their stories. I always felt our interests were covered when Pamela was on the job. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative."
    — Jonathan Perkel
  • "Pam, you are my idol. How do you do it? The magic continues…"
    — Michael Dweck, President Dweck!
  • "Do you want a guerrilla that thinks out of the box – then PJ is the only choice. The girl is on even when she’s off."
    — Jeff Kaplan, director of new business, Viewpoint Corporation
  • "She cooks for Peter Greenberg, how bad can she be?"
    — Christopher Elliott, Consumer Advocate and Multimedia Journalist
  • "I have worked with Pam on a variety of projects over the past seven years. Pam is one of the most creative and resourceful professionals I have ever worked with and I know many of them. She is also hugely cost effective and watches your bottom line. She is creative at getting coverage in unconventional ways. Pam is also very easy to work with and really identifies with her client’s success. She is always working hard and passionately on your behalf. I continue to use her and consider her the most important PR relationship in the US that I have. I can recommend her unequivocally."
    — David Pecaut, President & CEO, Boston Consulting Group
  • "I just want to say thanks again to you guys for a great job with LeisureLogix’s press. I have been amazed at the quality of the coverage and the insights that you bring to the team. Thanks, you guys are awesome!"
    — Mike Hully, CEO, LeisureLogix
  • "Thanks for all you do, I’m proud of you. Did you ever think you could have such a positive impact of so many less fortunate people?”"
    — Tom Rosen, Chairman, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, NJ Chapter
  • "I launched earlier this year, and in a short amount of time our company has achieved considerable industry status - not a small feat considering how crowded (and perhaps overheated) the daily deal space is. There's no way we would have gotten the same kind of recognition and traffic over these past few months without Pamela and the amazing Cloud 12 team. Their creativity, PR savvy, and industry knowledge have benefited us greatly. Pamela herself is a pleasure to work with, and I always felt Yuupon was ready for the spotlight with her in our corner. It's great to have a PR team that gets you major national exposure in some of the biggest outlets out there, but its an added bonus to do it with such a wonderful group of people."
    — Mary Song, CEO at