Cloud 12 is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in complex problem solving, top line growth, and increased valuation. We use our skills to uncover opportunities and stem issues in every area of our clients’ businesses, including Business Development, Market Strategy, Competitive Opportunity, Mergers and Acquisitions, Marketing and Consumer Engagement, Change Management, Crisis Strategy and Contemporary PR.

It takes a different kind of perspective to look beyond the first layers of a company’s siloed internal workings. Our team is made up of creative, strategically-driven experts who know how to maintain that perspective – even when unexpected developments change the environment or high-risk issues emerge, and keeping a focused lens is paramount.

Approach. We believe that true, groundbreaking solutions rarely exist in a single area of a business. It’s when ideas and theories permeate along multiple levels, divisions, and phases that an enterprise pushes forward along the horizon of its industry. We’ve precipitated great moments of business innovation borne of both acute success and extreme distress … two ends of a spectrum that we thrive in. It’s the reason why our team continuously takes on challenges with a spirit of discovery and fervor.